Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Terry McGhee (Crew) Interview

Terry McGhee was able to corner himself in a padded room and ask some hard hitting questions about his involvement with Hectic Films. After a little probing, both orally and [Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Redacted for National Security] he was also able to learn what exciting side project Terry has been working on.

So Mr. McGhee, is it okay if we call you, “Terry” for the purposes of this interview?

Sure. I mean that’s what most people call me.

Most people? What else do they call you, and who are ‘They’?

It’s just a saying, and I didn’t say anything about ‘they’, you did. What the hell is going on here?

I’m asking the [expletive] questions here, Twisted Nipple! You got that?!


Tell us about your involvement with Hectic Films!

Right, I met Rickey Bird in 2011 or maybe it was 2012 when I worked at a local movie theater. We had mutual friends in the art scene in Bakersfield, CA and ended up bumping elbows somehow and started talking. I mentioned I was interested in what he and the rest of Hectic Films were doing and the rest is history.

History, you say? Why don’t we talk about this so-called ”history” for a second, when was your first on-set experience?

That was in July of 2012 for Naked Zombie Girl. Rickey had messaged me and asked if I wanted to come out and help while they filmed. I honestly had zero experience and told him as much, but he was adamant about getting me involved and told me to come out anyway. I remember he said the only rule that I needed to follow was not to stare at Meghan Chadeayne as if I had never seen a naked woman before.

Had you seen a naked woman before?

Of course.

In real life?

Look, I’m not gonna-

Fine, so you went to the shoot that day, what did you learn from that experience as a filmmaker?

I learned that 5pm call times were more of a suggestion than a requirement at first. Over the years, Rachel (Rickey’s wife) has shaped us all into better time managers. NZG was an amazing on set experience. One of the most inspiring things I saw was that even with a crew of guys and one nearly naked female actress, everyone managed to not be creepy. As part of the crew, we pretty much sat and stood around talking about our favorite movies and counting heads to see who had snuck off to sleep in their car at any given time. We were on set from 5pm until well after 8am the next morning, so there was more of a “that lucky bastard” mentality about it than a judgmental one. 

What did you bring to the set in the way of contributions to the film itself?

I oversaw the building of the set-

So you had a management role?

No, no. I just showed up with two of the grips and then sat my ass on an ice chest and watched them build the set.

Any actual filmmaking contributions?

I loaned my pocket knife to cut gels for the lights and also brought some water for the crew. Oh yeah, I also went and picked up pizza for everyone!

That was nice of you.

I didn’t actually pay for it.

I see. So, do you actually contribute anything to Hectic Films?

Yes, I do, and I don’t find your condescending attitude very productive to this interview process.

Whatever, it’s your brain dumb ass.

Anyway, I write reviews, help with the Facebook page management, have dabbled in skit writing, wrote a spec script for a short film idea, and post the Hectic Films Blog posts. As well as handle the craft table on film shoots and help out when needed on set.

Oh, so you are the one who comes up with the questions for the cool interview posts on the blog?

Well no, that is usually Jesse Najera and Sara Carey, I just copy and paste them onto the blog and edit them a little if needed.

Must be tough work and long hours, did you major in English at a community college?

No, I actually never finished high school. I got my GED-

That’s boring, no one cares. What have you written?

I’ve self-published four books and am currently working on my fifth right now. I’ve also been included in a handful of poetry anthologies over the years, and a couple Project Oh! Magazine issues. 

Any current writing projects for Hectic Films?

I have a couple ideas in my head, yeah.

That’s great, ideas really pay the bills. So where can people learn more about you?

People can find me on Facebook and they can actually help publish Souvenir of Nowhere by going to the campaign on Indiegogo and donating or just sharing it with friends, family, and strangers. 

 Souvenir of Nowhere

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