Friday, September 2, 2016

Erica Rey Interview (2016)

Let us collectively thank Jesse Najera and Sara Carey for setting out into the forest with butterfly nets and questions as they tracked and humanely detained the faerie like beauty Erica Rey for some Hectic Films style questioning! Also, let us also be grateful they didn't pull any wings off during their interrogation. 

Erica Rey is a beautiful and talented model and actress. What was your first experience in front of the camera?

My very first experience in front of the camera was in church when I was about 3 or 4, I played Marry in the Christmas nativity scene. I have it on VHS somewhere.

How did you get involved with working at Character Masters? What characters do you play?

I'm the B team for character masters who are based out of Los Angeles, CA, but have just recently started my own company here in town called Bakersfield Fairytale Friends. Our slogan is "It's never too late to invite your BFF" Right now I have Elsa, Ariel, Tinkerbell, Belle and Snow White, but I plan on adding more starting with Rapunzel, as soon as possible.

You have worked with Hectic Films on other projects, including the fan film "Camp Crystal Lake". Can you tell us what that experience was like and what other movies you've made with Hectic Films? 

"Camp Crystal Lake" was a long process. It was cold. It was bloody. But it was amazing. DT was the best Jason ever. And Jessica did her best for her first time on screen. I've been in a few films with the Hectic Films team. I started with "Tear Her", had a small part in "As The Man Drives", "Camp Crystal Lake", and then my best work, in my opinion, in "A Familiar Spirit", and finally but certainly not lastly, I have a small part in "Machine Gun Baby", along with my boyfriend, Christopher Puckett.

You play in Hectic Films upcoming project "Machine Gun Baby". What can you tell us about your character and her place of employment?

"Machine Gun Baby" was so much freaking fun! Best time I've ever had on set! I play a, not so very bright, secretary, at an abortion clinic. Classy, I know. Haha. But I can't give too much away just yet.

You create a lot of your own modeling designs and often do your own hair and makeup. Any plans to get behind the camera more in regards to film making? 

I actually started out behind the camera, but no one would pose the way I wanted so I switch spots to create my art. My dad is the one who instilled a passion in me for the behind the scenes. He himself wanted to become a director as a kid and now creates amazing sculptures in his spare time. So you can see where I get most of my creativity from. I had a chance to run the boom mic on set of MGB and it was a blast! I would love an opportunity to be behind the camera more often.

Finish this line: If you were not the strikingly beautiful model/actress Erica Rey; you would be Erica Rey, the strikingly beautiful...?

If I wasn't a model/actress, if I had the opportunity to be anything I wanted, no money to account for, I would want to be a motivational speaker, to encourage young women. I would love to go to schools and have seminars, and be a voice of reason and redirection for the lost. ...or own a pit bull paradise owner, where I find happy homes all the pit bulls ever. Then end. 

You have a great presence on social media sites like SnapChat and, almost, 2,000 followers on Facebook. Where can fans of Erica Rey go to follow you and see what your up to next?

If anyone is interested in seeing my silly and sometimes boring shenanigans, you can find me on SnapChat at mscaptnmorgan. I have a Facebook page just called Erica Rey that has all my modeling stuff. I have both a modeling Instagram and a personal Instagram. @modelingbyericarey and @the_erica_rey.

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