Tuesday, June 28, 2016

George The Giant Interview (2016)

 All of us at Hectic Films thought it would be fun to send Jesse Najera out on a task to wrangle and interview a giant, but the joke was on us cause he managed to track down the loving and generous George the Giant and capture this great interview!

How tall is George The Giant?

7 foot 3 inches

What did you experience that led to an interest in the sideshow arts?

There are several parts to this story. 
1 - when I was 12 years old I went to the Kern County Fair and saw the sword swallower & fire eater perform on the Bally Stage. I was amazed at what the human body could do, and at that time I knew that was "real magic", and not what magicians did.
2 - when I was 21 an incident happened in my life that made me have a fear of fire. I'm one of those people that if I'm scared of heights, I bungee jump. So I decided to eat fire.

You are a sideshow performer who performs a variety of sideshow stunts; one of which is fire breathing. While you once had a fear of fire, how are you able to, now, perform fire breathing stunts? Can you share what caused your fear of fire?

As I said when I was 21 an incident occurred. Someone broke into my brother's home, tied him up. lit him on fire, and left him to die. He survived, but it left him with a fear of fire. And in so doing, left me with a fear of fire.

What led to you being cast in films and an appearance on the tonight show with Jay Leno?

Being cast in film and television is the old story, it's who you know. I was doing Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios working with a great contortionist named Bonnie Morgan. She was doing the Grinch Stole Christmas during the Run. At the time she was 15 so her dad had to take her. Her father is a stunt performer and coordinator, he was in the original Pete's Dragon. Well, one of his friends called him up and said, "We need a henchman who can do something really, really strange". He gave them my name, I received the call, and three days later I was in Vegas shooting a TV show for UPN called "The Strip."
The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and some of the other TV shows I've done are the same thing. People know who I am, what I do, want something odd, and I get called.

Can you talk about the films and television shows you've been cast in and what actors you've played alongside?

Everyone knows about the movie Big Fish, where I got to perform with Danny DeVito and Ewan McGregor. The experience I had with Danny DeVito was something that I will have for the rest of my life.
I did a movie called "Firecracker" with Karen Black. She was a very odd and unusual actress that played great strange characters.
Another movie I did was called "Tough Luck" with Armand Assante, Norman Reedus ("Boondock Saints" and "The Walking Dead") and Dagmara Dominczyk from ("Count of Monte Cristo"). I Had very little interaction with the main actors except for on screen. Norman and Armand showed great respect of the stunts I did.
I have also done TV shows ranging from "America's Got Talent", "Life According to Jim", "CSI Vegas", "Nitro Circus", and "A 1000 Ways To Die".

You have a towering role in the new Hectic Films project; Machine Gun Baby with director Rickey Bird. What can you tell us about your character and your experience with the cast and crew of Hectic Films?

There is nothing I can say about Rickey Bird that is not already in the police report!
I've known Rickey for several years. We worked on a movie where he was doing the special effects of the blood blast from a shotgun where I was shot in the face. We ended up doing a scene that was supposed to take 40 minutes to shoot... it took 5 hours so we had a lot of time to chat.
Whenever he's shooting films I try to donate to the project or help him in any way I can by putting him in contact with people, this just so happened to be one time he wanted me in the actual film. The character he wanted me to do was... so disgusting... how could I say, "No"?

Can you share just a few of the stunts you perform, for the brave of heart? Where can fans go to follow and gets updates on George The Giant?

I use several of the classic Sideshow stunts. Sword swallowing, fire eating, glass walking, bed of nails, and old-time strongman stunts. I also do my own twist on weight lifting, using fish hooks and weights from my eye sockets. The thing that made Sharon Osbourne say I was the most disgusting person she knows, is a stunt called "crazy straw".

You can find me on Twitter: georgethegiant
YouTube: georgethegiant1
Facebook: George the Giant

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

☆Jin N Tonic☆ Interview (2016)

Jesse Najera tracked down the world traveling ☆Jin N Tonic☆ to ask her a few questions about her adventurous life as well as working on Hectic Films' 'Machine Gun Baby'.

I have to ask about your kick ass name ☆Jin N Tonic☆ Do you ever use your real name? Why Jin N Tonic?

Real names are boring, and I haven't gone by mine for a long time. In high school, I had a variety of nicknames, but Jin N Tonic started as a fake Facebook name and just stuck. It feels right. Everyone except my grandparents calls me Jin. A friend and I got pulled over once, and the cop was like, 'This guy doesn't know your real name, is that normal?' Yes, yes it is. Pretty sure they thought I was a prostitute.

Did you grow up in a daring and expressive environment?

Where I grew up is boring, but I do have family in Bakersfield which is likely what has ultimately led me to being a part of the Hectic Films team (finally!) and this awesome role in MGB.

You are a very honest model on your youtube channel. You don't shy away from, what some might consider, risqué. Bold with both the things you talk about and with your style of modeling. 

I pride myself in my diversity and it's what I'm most known for in my modeling career (that and my great knockers), and I use my diversity and my cans to my advantage with every role I play.

In addition to modeling, your an actor. You've played a variety of roles. Can you talk about the types of characters you've played in the past and your sense of versatility?

My acting career began ten years ago in the indie film "Person of Interest" in which I played, you guessed it, an underage prostitute. I like to joke that I've been typecast ever since, but that's not true. I've also played a stripper on multiple occasions!

You play an interesting part in Hectic Films new project; Machine Gun Baby. What can you tell us about your character?

When I read the script, I was pretty disgusted by my character, which continued through the entire time on set. I am just such a skank in the film. Every time I passed a mirror or window I would get a little bit upset with just how perfectly trashy I looked. After all, I was basically wearing my own clothes out of my own closet, and my hair is naturally just that skank-tastic. There was a lot of blood, a lot of boobs (mine), and a lot of fun filming Machine Gun Baby. It ended with me naked and sticky taking a whore bath in the sink. 

What can you tell us about working with director Rickey Bird and the cast and crew of Machine Gun Baby?

Our director Rickey Bird is a fellow badass and we run in a lot of the same circles. It was an honor to be a part of his cast, and I look forward to more, trashy fun in the future!

(Jin and Lionel 'Not Rickey Bird' Washington on set)

Where can your fans go to follow and learn more about future projects for Jin N Tonic?  

I've been making my way as a full-time Actor/Model/Badass for the past four years, and would love everyone to come join the fun on IG/Twitter @TheJinNTonic, and they can see my own video projects at www.youtube.com/TheJinNTonic
But all the really good stuff happens on my site, and each month I send out free downloads, uncensored photo sets, giveaways and more to my #JNT VIPs - you can join the fun at www.JinNTonic.com/vip
Also coming soon is my own Patreon page and bidchat (live videos that give to charities). This white gurl bootay is everywhere! And I couldn't do it without all my amazing fans/friends/family around the world.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Brinke Stevens Interview (2016)

Hectic Films' own Jesse Najera had a chance to ask the beautiful and talented Brinke Stevens a few questions after she wrapped filming on "Machine Gun Baby".

It feels like you have a strong sense of self-awareness and this comes through in your performances. I understand you originally intended on a career path for science in marine biology. How, would you say, has your upbringing; environment, education, and life adventures shaped the way you perform?

I got a Masters degree in marine biology from Scripps Institute in San Diego CA.  I thought I’d remain in science all my life, but fate had other plans.  I’d never aspired to be an actor, and never expected to become a cult icon of horror movies.  As such, it’s hard to say that my upbringing shaped my performance because horror films require you to do things that never happen in real life, like scream bloody murder, run in terror, chase people with a machete, or get pulled apart by demons.  To quote a line from one of my favorite films, NIGHTMARE SISTERS:  “Advanced trigonometry never prepared me for this!” 


You were a member of a comic book club in college while in San Diego. In the early days of Comic-con, you cosplayed Vampirella. The comic book community and the television/film community have a symbiotic relationship. This is most apparent in the type of genre you, typically, perform in {scream Queen/ B movies}. Can you talk about that time and how the comic conventions have influenced you as well as how this comic-con community has influenced the horror genre?

I was one of the early founders of San Diego Comic-Con, and I ran the masquerade contest for many years in the 1970s.  This came after I won first place for portraying Vampirella in 1973.  Later, I staged elaborate costumed dance routines during the intermission to popular songs such as “Funeral for a Friend”, “Killer Queen”, “Ballroom Blitz”, and so on.  I’d say it was Comic-Con and fandom that really prepared me for an acting career that began in the early 1980s.


You've recently completed a project for HECTIC FILMS with the director Rickey Bird, called "Machine Gun Baby". Who are you playing and can you describe your character? 

I play “Dr. Berinka”, who’s the head of a stem cell tech company.  She relies on an abortion clinic to provide fetuses for research of major diseases.  But the clinic’s greedy doctor is now holding her up for more money and threatening to sell his goods elsewhere. 

You've been in many films in the horror genre and worked with very talented people. How did you get involved with HECTIC FILMS? Can you describe your experience with the cast and crew of "Machine Gun Baby”?

In late 2015, I was invited to a horror convention in Bakersfield CA by filmmaker DT Carney, who had hired me for several past projects including “Nightwalkers” and “Dead Things”.  At that show I met Rickey Bird, who had a first-class booth for Hectic Films.  We got to talking, exchanged info, and I ended up shooting “Machine Gun Baby” in April 2016.  

My experience with the cast and crew was perfect in every way.  Producers Rickey and Rachel were very organized, efficient, and just plain nice folks.  I was delighted to work with DT Carney again and also my co-star George the Giant, who was so funny and exuberant.  I was even impressed when Rickey planned a professional photo-shoot at the end, complete with Hectic Films banners in the background.

You have been known as an actress who is very welcoming to fans of your work. How can fans learn more about Brinke Stevens? Do you have any future projects or appearances?

My official website is www.brinke.com, where I list my convention appearances and talk about what’s new in my career.  I’ve shot some excellent movies in the past few months, including “The Haunting of Mia Moss”, “An Evil Curiosity”, and the big-budget film “Death House” that features dozens of horror stars.

My first audio book, “Darkness Unbound: Lady in Black” is now available on audible.com.  And I’m almost finished recording its sequel “Terror of Night” by author Glenn Porzig.  

Around Halloween 2016, my directorial debut “Personal Demons” will be released on the “Terror Toons 4” label.  I wrote, directed, and starred in it, along with pals Linnea Quigley and Debbie Rochon.