Tuesday, June 14, 2016

☆Jin N Tonic☆ Interview (2016)

Jesse Najera tracked down the world traveling ☆Jin N Tonic☆ to ask her a few questions about her adventurous life as well as working on Hectic Films' 'Machine Gun Baby'.

I have to ask about your kick ass name ☆Jin N Tonic☆ Do you ever use your real name? Why Jin N Tonic?

Real names are boring, and I haven't gone by mine for a long time. In high school, I had a variety of nicknames, but Jin N Tonic started as a fake Facebook name and just stuck. It feels right. Everyone except my grandparents calls me Jin. A friend and I got pulled over once, and the cop was like, 'This guy doesn't know your real name, is that normal?' Yes, yes it is. Pretty sure they thought I was a prostitute.

Did you grow up in a daring and expressive environment?

Where I grew up is boring, but I do have family in Bakersfield which is likely what has ultimately led me to being a part of the Hectic Films team (finally!) and this awesome role in MGB.

You are a very honest model on your youtube channel. You don't shy away from, what some might consider, risqué. Bold with both the things you talk about and with your style of modeling. 

I pride myself in my diversity and it's what I'm most known for in my modeling career (that and my great knockers), and I use my diversity and my cans to my advantage with every role I play.

In addition to modeling, your an actor. You've played a variety of roles. Can you talk about the types of characters you've played in the past and your sense of versatility?

My acting career began ten years ago in the indie film "Person of Interest" in which I played, you guessed it, an underage prostitute. I like to joke that I've been typecast ever since, but that's not true. I've also played a stripper on multiple occasions!

You play an interesting part in Hectic Films new project; Machine Gun Baby. What can you tell us about your character?

When I read the script, I was pretty disgusted by my character, which continued through the entire time on set. I am just such a skank in the film. Every time I passed a mirror or window I would get a little bit upset with just how perfectly trashy I looked. After all, I was basically wearing my own clothes out of my own closet, and my hair is naturally just that skank-tastic. There was a lot of blood, a lot of boobs (mine), and a lot of fun filming Machine Gun Baby. It ended with me naked and sticky taking a whore bath in the sink. 

What can you tell us about working with director Rickey Bird and the cast and crew of Machine Gun Baby?

Our director Rickey Bird is a fellow badass and we run in a lot of the same circles. It was an honor to be a part of his cast, and I look forward to more, trashy fun in the future!

(Jin and Lionel 'Not Rickey Bird' Washington on set)

Where can your fans go to follow and learn more about future projects for Jin N Tonic?  

I've been making my way as a full-time Actor/Model/Badass for the past four years, and would love everyone to come join the fun on IG/Twitter @TheJinNTonic, and they can see my own video projects at www.youtube.com/TheJinNTonic
But all the really good stuff happens on my site, and each month I send out free downloads, uncensored photo sets, giveaways and more to my #JNT VIPs - you can join the fun at www.JinNTonic.com/vip
Also coming soon is my own Patreon page and bidchat (live videos that give to charities). This white gurl bootay is everywhere! And I couldn't do it without all my amazing fans/friends/family around the world.

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