Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cheap Movie Tricks (The Book)

It’s time to shelve those outdated books you picked up in film school and hope they appreciate solely as a collector's edition somewhere down the road. Rickey Bird is here to bring you the only pocket project indie film book you will ever need.

From the exciting first thoughts to the nightmare of post-production marketing, Cheap Movie Tricks will give you the direction you need to navigate those sometimes daunting paths of indie filmmaking.

We’re talking hands on, “This is how we did it!” know how, not regurgitated dribble that has been boringly passed down from book to book over the years with little updating, except for some occasional sponsored industry standards which are out of most indie filmmakers price range anyway.

I had a chance to corner Rickey Bird in a home improvement store parking lot late one night to ask the following questions about the book.

Tell us about the book Cheap Movie Tricks:
It’s a really fun book. I teamed up with Nicholas Belardes and Mango Media to create this very cool book. That really isn’t just a book but a tool that you can keep with you to help you on your journey. There are some really good problem-solving tips that can get you outta tight spots while your filming. This is a book for the filmmaker by the filmmakers. It’s not some wishy washy BS. It has been dubbed the “Punk Rock” style of filmmaking. That’s totally my style. Just get out and get it done no matter what!

How is this book different from others?
It’s really different. It shows you a basic overview of how to create a short film for under $2000. To help people break away from the studio version of doing things (aka the really expensive way) and do things cheaply. Teaching the tricks you need to know to stretch your buck to the fullest. This is a basic style of filmmaking that I have been doing for over 10 years with short films and feature length films. Think of it as a text book written from years of trial and error filmmaking crammed into a small package.

Is this book only for people who want to get started in filmmaking?
No, this is a book for everyone that wants to start as well as those currently making films. This isn’t like any industry handbook, this is the extreme indie film handbook. This book goes from concept to film festivals and feature deal proposal.

Does the book have Pictures?
Yes it has pictures and links for videos to go the extra mile for the filmmakers.  Behind the scenes photos from a lot of Hectic Films projects and also some cool poster work. Very cool stuff!

What do you hope will happen with this book?
Honestly, I hope it gets people off their asses and motivated to shoot film. It is, in my opinion, the greatest art form in the world, that can also include any art form in it. From books to music in a film, I think it’s awesome. Video is the king. I want to help lay the ground work to get others motivated to create and give them the motivation they need to follow through to the end!

Cheap Movie Tricks can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as IndieBound

Product Details: 

Price: $16.95
Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: Mango (April 4, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1633535436
ISBN-13: 978-1633535435
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Bakersfield Clown (Breaking News)

The Bakersfield Police Department has confirmed that one person was killed Monday night in BakersfieldCalifornia. The murder was unknowingly broadcast live by local radio station KNZR. While neither the DJ (Tony Lee) nor his station manager (Jason Sanders) were available for comment, KNZR released a statement that read, “We are all shocked and surprised by this unfortunate event and are doing everything we can to cooperate with the investigation. We apologize to our listeners as well as the community and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim.”

Bakersfield Police Detectives turned down a request for an interview stating that it was an ongoing investigation at this time.

We do know however that the victim was apparently stabbed. Authorities know who the victim is but are waiting to release it, pending notification of loved ones, we do know that no arrests have been made and that the search is on for at least one male suspect. There are no descriptive details at this time.
Please continue to check back for updates.

Detective Jesse Najera with the Bakersfield Police Department has released more details about the murder that took place late last night. The victim has been identified as local Bakersfield resident Erica Rey who was twenty-something years young at the time of her death. Erica worked with kids and had made it her goal to reach out to organizations such as Make a Wish to fulfill her lifelong dream of making children smile.

A description of the murderer has also been released. Police believe he is a white male, in his late twenties, five foot nine inches tall, with a dadbod physique, with unknown colored facial hair, and possibly wearing grease paint to hide his features. The local community has dubbed him, “The Bakersfield Clown” after audio of his call to local talk radio station KNZR was leaked to media earlier. 

To see the video without having the sides cut off (What the heck blogger?) click the link found here: The Bakersfield Clown

Please don't call the real cops, this post is just a fictional introduction to our latest short film from Hectic Films. No people were harmed in the making of this film, we pinky promise. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Chelsea Newman Interview (2016)

Chelsea Newman̤ has a long list of film and TV credits including "My Dad's Tapes" (2011), "Bad Behavior" (2013), "Red Light Diaries" (TV 2014) and the IMDB list is growing. Which film or television role are you most proud of? 

I take each role very seriously and each character is quite different so it is hard to say which one I'm most proud of. I did work on a movie called “At Long Last” where I portrayed a young woman that was stuck in her ways. It was really a treat to dive right in. Some people know a huge inspiration for me is Juliette Lewis. I really enjoy her work, especially the work in her younger years. I love her in “Kalifornia” and “The Other Sister.” Roles like the ones she had in those movies are ones I aspire to portray. 

You have a contributing writing credit for "At Long Last" (2015). Any plans to get more involved behind the camera? Do you have an interest in directing?

I appreciate all aspects of creating but I really love playing pretend and that is the sandbox I belong in. 

Making your mark on the film scene as a respected female actor can be a challenging journey. In this regard, can you share with us any obstacles you have faced, and what advice you would give your younger self and/or aspiring actresses/filmmakers?

To be honest, I believe my biggest obstacle I have faced would be myself. Actors constantly hear “no” and as a person, it’s easy to self-doubt and break down. As cliche as this sounds, I would tell people that it is really important to believe in yourself, no matter how hard it can be. If you have a passion, whatever it may be, go for it. You only live once.

Your Facebook cover photo is a still of Barry Corbin and yourself from a clip of you two, performing in a scene. What can you tell us about acting with him?

Barry is such a doll and a delight to work with. I admire his respect and passion for the craft. It was easy to forget we were in a scene together even before the camera started rolling.

"A FAMILIAR SPIRIT" was your first time on a Hectic Films Productions movie. 
How was your experience with the cast, crew, and the director Rickey Bird?

Amazing! No joke, it was such an exciting film set to be on. Everyone was super welcoming and extremely professional. Rickey is just one of the coolest guys. It was so easy to be in front of the camera with him on the other side. I really enjoyed his opinions and appreciated all his hard work.

In the Hectic Films movie AFS, there is a scene, where you collapse in fear. As a viewer, we feel the breathlessness of terror. What can you tell us about your character and what was your motivation for your look of fear?

I was scared! There was some crazy monster coming for me. What else would I possibly feel? I had to survive!

Your character, Cynthia, feels terrified, saddened and angry throughout the movie. If you were in the same situation as your character, trapped in a haunted house, how would you react? Would you take action against whatever you thought was there?

I’d like to think I’d be a hero but honestly, if there is some crazy demon man after me, I’m going to run like hell.

Do you have any personal experiences with ghosts or spirits yourself? How would you describe your beliefs on that subject?

I don't have any personal experience with ghosts or spirits but I’d like to believe there is something else out there.

On your social media pages, there are images of you with children in Sierra Leone, Africa. Why were you there?

I was there teaching drama to children at a school named Benmat along with tutoring, learning and spending time with the locals. I went through this amazing organization called Young Vision Africa. This group has literally built and started up a school in Sierra Leone. It was an unforgettable experience. I believe it is so important to travel to experience how the other parts of the world live.

Let's look to the future. What are your long-term goals regarding acting? 

Eventually, it would be great to act full time. I have like 17 jobs and would trade all of them to do film or theater. I’m in it for the long hall. “The turtle wins the race.”

What are you working on now and where can fans of ̤Chelsea Newman̤ go to learn more about what you're doing?

I wrapped on the film “Darkness on the Edge of Town” this past weekend. I have a few projects in the works and always looking for my next one. Fans can stay up to date on my Facebook fan page or my IMDB. I’m in the middle of getting together a new website so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Lackey (2012) on Amazon Prime Video

The Lackey is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video! From Hectic Films, Truly Indie Studios, Cinescope Media, and Cinema Epoch, 

The Lackey is a non-stop roller coaster of an action movie. Jude St. Clere (Shaun Piccinino) is just a man, trying to survive the game on his own when he finds that he has more than he thought at stake. Taking one last job, he finds himself in the middle of a mob war, in a city that won’t release its grip on him. Now he must fight to make it out alive and figure out a way to keep those he loves safe from the grasp of the criminal world. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Terry McGhee (Crew) Interview

Terry McGhee was able to corner himself in a padded room and ask some hard hitting questions about his involvement with Hectic Films. After a little probing, both orally and [Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Redacted for National Security] he was also able to learn what exciting side project Terry has been working on.

So Mr. McGhee, is it okay if we call you, “Terry” for the purposes of this interview?

Sure. I mean that’s what most people call me.

Most people? What else do they call you, and who are ‘They’?

It’s just a saying, and I didn’t say anything about ‘they’, you did. What the hell is going on here?

I’m asking the [expletive] questions here, Twisted Nipple! You got that?!


Tell us about your involvement with Hectic Films!

Right, I met Rickey Bird in 2011 or maybe it was 2012 when I worked at a local movie theater. We had mutual friends in the art scene in Bakersfield, CA and ended up bumping elbows somehow and started talking. I mentioned I was interested in what he and the rest of Hectic Films were doing and the rest is history.

History, you say? Why don’t we talk about this so-called ”history” for a second, when was your first on-set experience?

That was in July of 2012 for Naked Zombie Girl. Rickey had messaged me and asked if I wanted to come out and help while they filmed. I honestly had zero experience and told him as much, but he was adamant about getting me involved and told me to come out anyway. I remember he said the only rule that I needed to follow was not to stare at Meghan Chadeayne as if I had never seen a naked woman before.

Had you seen a naked woman before?

Of course.

In real life?

Look, I’m not gonna-

Fine, so you went to the shoot that day, what did you learn from that experience as a filmmaker?

I learned that 5pm call times were more of a suggestion than a requirement at first. Over the years, Rachel (Rickey’s wife) has shaped us all into better time managers. NZG was an amazing on set experience. One of the most inspiring things I saw was that even with a crew of guys and one nearly naked female actress, everyone managed to not be creepy. As part of the crew, we pretty much sat and stood around talking about our favorite movies and counting heads to see who had snuck off to sleep in their car at any given time. We were on set from 5pm until well after 8am the next morning, so there was more of a “that lucky bastard” mentality about it than a judgmental one. 

What did you bring to the set in the way of contributions to the film itself?

I oversaw the building of the set-

So you had a management role?

No, no. I just showed up with two of the grips and then sat my ass on an ice chest and watched them build the set.

Any actual filmmaking contributions?

I loaned my pocket knife to cut gels for the lights and also brought some water for the crew. Oh yeah, I also went and picked up pizza for everyone!

That was nice of you.

I didn’t actually pay for it.

I see. So, do you actually contribute anything to Hectic Films?

Yes, I do, and I don’t find your condescending attitude very productive to this interview process.

Whatever, it’s your brain dumb ass.

Anyway, I write reviews, help with the Facebook page management, have dabbled in skit writing, wrote a spec script for a short film idea, and post the Hectic Films Blog posts. As well as handle the craft table on film shoots and help out when needed on set.

Oh, so you are the one who comes up with the questions for the cool interview posts on the blog?

Well no, that is usually Jesse Najera and Sara Carey, I just copy and paste them onto the blog and edit them a little if needed.

Must be tough work and long hours, did you major in English at a community college?

No, I actually never finished high school. I got my GED-

That’s boring, no one cares. What have you written?

I’ve self-published four books and am currently working on my fifth right now. I’ve also been included in a handful of poetry anthologies over the years, and a couple Project Oh! Magazine issues. 

Any current writing projects for Hectic Films?

I have a couple ideas in my head, yeah.

That’s great, ideas really pay the bills. So where can people learn more about you?

People can find me on Facebook and they can actually help publish Souvenir of Nowhere by going to the campaign on Indiegogo and donating or just sharing it with friends, family, and strangers. 

 Souvenir of Nowhere

Friday, September 2, 2016

Erica Rey Interview (2016)

Let us collectively thank Jesse Najera and Sara Carey for setting out into the forest with butterfly nets and questions as they tracked and humanely detained the faerie like beauty Erica Rey for some Hectic Films style questioning! Also, let us also be grateful they didn't pull any wings off during their interrogation. 

Erica Rey is a beautiful and talented model and actress. What was your first experience in front of the camera?

My very first experience in front of the camera was in church when I was about 3 or 4, I played Marry in the Christmas nativity scene. I have it on VHS somewhere.

How did you get involved with working at Character Masters? What characters do you play?

I'm the B team for character masters who are based out of Los Angeles, CA, but have just recently started my own company here in town called Bakersfield Fairytale Friends. Our slogan is "It's never too late to invite your BFF" Right now I have Elsa, Ariel, Tinkerbell, Belle and Snow White, but I plan on adding more starting with Rapunzel, as soon as possible.

You have worked with Hectic Films on other projects, including the fan film "Camp Crystal Lake". Can you tell us what that experience was like and what other movies you've made with Hectic Films? 

"Camp Crystal Lake" was a long process. It was cold. It was bloody. But it was amazing. DT was the best Jason ever. And Jessica did her best for her first time on screen. I've been in a few films with the Hectic Films team. I started with "Tear Her", had a small part in "As The Man Drives", "Camp Crystal Lake", and then my best work, in my opinion, in "A Familiar Spirit", and finally but certainly not lastly, I have a small part in "Machine Gun Baby", along with my boyfriend, Christopher Puckett.

You play in Hectic Films upcoming project "Machine Gun Baby". What can you tell us about your character and her place of employment?

"Machine Gun Baby" was so much freaking fun! Best time I've ever had on set! I play a, not so very bright, secretary, at an abortion clinic. Classy, I know. Haha. But I can't give too much away just yet.

You create a lot of your own modeling designs and often do your own hair and makeup. Any plans to get behind the camera more in regards to film making? 

I actually started out behind the camera, but no one would pose the way I wanted so I switch spots to create my art. My dad is the one who instilled a passion in me for the behind the scenes. He himself wanted to become a director as a kid and now creates amazing sculptures in his spare time. So you can see where I get most of my creativity from. I had a chance to run the boom mic on set of MGB and it was a blast! I would love an opportunity to be behind the camera more often.

Finish this line: If you were not the strikingly beautiful model/actress Erica Rey; you would be Erica Rey, the strikingly beautiful...?

If I wasn't a model/actress, if I had the opportunity to be anything I wanted, no money to account for, I would want to be a motivational speaker, to encourage young women. I would love to go to schools and have seminars, and be a voice of reason and redirection for the lost. ...or own a pit bull paradise owner, where I find happy homes all the pit bulls ever. Then end. 

You have a great presence on social media sites like SnapChat and, almost, 2,000 followers on Facebook. Where can fans of Erica Rey go to follow you and see what your up to next?

If anyone is interested in seeing my silly and sometimes boring shenanigans, you can find me on SnapChat at mscaptnmorgan. I have a Facebook page just called Erica Rey that has all my modeling stuff. I have both a modeling Instagram and a personal Instagram. @modelingbyericarey and @the_erica_rey.

Meghan Chadeayne Micro Interview!

Congrats to Meghan Chadeayne on her nominations for Breakout Action Film Star-Female-Short and Female Action Performer of the Year at the Action on Film Festival for Naked Zombie Girl! 

Hello! Thank you! It’s quite a thrill and amazing that Naked Zombie Girl (NZG) is still captivating audiences! 

1. How does it feel to get 2 nominations at the Action on Film Festival? 

Dreamlike, to be honest. Naked Zombie Girl is such a soft spot for me to this day. We filmed it almost three years ago, it was the very beginning of my journey, and the first time I put blind trust into a director, and complete reactive instinct into a performance. These nominations solidify my belief that Hectic Films created something magical when they filmed NZG. I couldn’t have received either nod without that entire team at my back. Even if I go home at the end of the night without either award, I’ll still be immensely proud of the film we’ve created. I doubt that will ever change.

2. What was your favorite scene in Naked Zombie Girl?

Oh man, of course, looking back, I’d do everything entirely different now, knowing what I do, but my favorite scene I think has to be the crowbar in the Cadillac. I love everything from the way it was shot, to the inserts, Josh’s zombie performance, and the way it amps up the ending kill scene. Just a phenomenal example of Hectic’s enticing cinematic and post production ability. 

3. How was it being naked on set for over 12 hours at a time?

As I tell anyone who asks about the revealing nature of NZG, it was fine. It was intimidating at first, but after I realized no one on set was inappropriate or I wasn’t being shot in a grotesque way, I relaxed and was able to focus on the performance. Besides, after the blood and guts were applied, I hardly felt naked.

4. What are some of the other projects you are currently working on?

This year is getting pretty busy already. Currently, I’m preparing for my next lead role in a horror-comedy called ‘Violet’ by filmmaker and photographer Chad Michael Ward of Underhaus Productions. After that, I have a science-fiction micro short to be shot in the desert. I’m playing Poison Ivy in a Batman fan film, I’ll be traveling to Sweden to film a horror-fantasy feature in 2017, and I’m in the process of putting one of my own scripts into production. 2017 looks to be pretty busy, but I’m excited to see what other adventures it holds. 

5. How did you get involved with the most explosive film company on earth, Hectic Films?

I met the director, Rickey, on the set of another horror feature we were on! He jokingly pitched the idea to me and I agreed, within a few months, I was stripping down and killing zombies. That’s also when I learned Rickey’s crazy film ideas aren’t actually just crazy ideas, he gets them done, and I respect the hell out of that. 

6. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

I have to choose just one?  Show wise, I haven’t had time to binge too much of anything, but holy hell, I did squeeze in ‘Stranger Things’. I want to adopt Dustin, he’s my favorite, and I’m pretty certain Eleven makes for a kick-ass female protagonist. 

Films… I recently watched Baskin, and found it to be a trip. If you’re into foreign horror that has beautifully set up shots, neon-tinted dewy coloring, and kill scenes that cause you to squirm, give this one a go! 

You can catch Naked Zombie Girl at the Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, CA on Sept. 4th. Tickets and Information can be found here:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Coryn McBride Micro Interview!

Mable is up for Best Western at the Action on Film Festival, we wanted to Congratulate the cast and a special shout of thanks to Coryn McBride for starring in this film and making it award nomination worthy!

1. You seem to get really into your characters. Did you do any type of western style prepping for this film?

I have always been a fan of classic westerns. I have been involved with The Gaslight Melodrama for many years which has provided bountiful experiences doing many western melodramas with my loving TGM family.

2. What do you think was your favorite moment while filming Mable?

Witnessing the talented crew work behind the scenes is so much fun. I loved meeting the horses especially. The many people dedicated their craft, tools, space, and time to bring it all together was so awe inspiring. At Ethel's Old Corral, I was Pat and Dave's bartender and to see what he had been hounding Rickey to do (a western) for so long finally come into production was heartwarming. I know Dave would be damn proud of that worm.

3. How did you get involved in the most epic/mind blowing company in the world, Hectic Films?

I worked with Rickey while shooting Matt Kieley's film Carte Blanche. That started it all!

4. What kinda stuff do you like on your tacos? Corn or Flour?

Corn always! I love al pastor tacos with a pineapple mango salsa, or fish and shrimp tacos, or veggie tacos with bell pepper, onion, and avocado. I love tacos!!!

5. Are you currently working on any upcoming projects?

I have moved out of the area but I look forward to making some time for some cameos, shorts, or feature length films as they are accessible and available throughout the years. I'm hoping to be the next Betty White!

You can catch the beautiful and talented Coryn McBride in Mable at the Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, CA. Tickets and information can be found here:

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DT Carney Micro Interview!

Congrats to DT Carney for his nomination at the Action on Film Festival for Golden State Best Performance in an Acting Role Award for As The Man Drives! Holy crap, that is the longest award we have ever heard anyone nominated for!

1. So are you excited to be back at the Action on Film Festival this year?

Yes, I am. I love Monrovia, CA. I feel like I step back in time out there, like its a 1970's town. Very clean and quite. The Action on Film Festival treated us more than nice and you don't forget that. I am also proud to be with team Hectic Films.When you back one of their films you can rest assure it's going to be a great film. Hectic Films has three awesome films in the festival this year. Mable, Naked Zombie Girl, and As the Man Drives.

2. Tell us your favorite part about filming As The Man Drives?

My Favorite part of Filming As the Man Drives was actually the Script. After reading it I was stoked Rickey had the faith I could pull off such a character. We had a  bunch of laughs driving around in that boat of a car that threatened to quit throughout filming. Of course, I'll never forget going into a freezing pool fully clothed and being laughed at by everyone involved. Gotta love the Hectic Films brotherhood.

3. Any good stories on the set of As the Man Drives?

I was in awe of the care given to the shots. Drone shots, underwater shots, trying to talk Rickey out of going into that freezing pool. I tried to tell him I'd come back in a few  months when it wasn't so cold. Well we all know how that turned out. There is no saying, "No!" to Rickey Bird Jr.

4. What current projects are you working on now?

I am currently awaiting word from Chicago on my script of Redemption Owns a Gun. If green lit, you will see Hectic Films back at it with this real life mob story. I am also getting ready to work with Director Michael Rodriguez on his latest film Lake of Shadows.

5. How many yards do you think you can throw a football?

Farther than uncle Rico, that's for sure. I don't need a time machine to prove it, I can do it now in 2016. I'll throw that pigskin the length of Monrovia, you'll see!

6. Have you ever hit anyone while drinking a Pepsi?

No, I only drink Pepsi as a total last resort. I am a Coca-Cola man. I once hit a man who resembled a pirate with M.C Hammer pants on while sipping a coke, But that's for another time.

You can help support DT Carney and Hectic Films at the Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, CA on Monday, September 5 at 5:30 PM - 7 PM by purchasing tickets here: https://www.facebook.com/events/282073495508624/