Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Descensus Is Under Way!

Principle photography is underway on Hectic Films newest production, Descensus! This dramatic little Indie Film based on a poem by Terry McGhee will star Rickey Bird Jr. as Cole Weir, the normal everyday suburban husband who begins his day in mundane normalcy but who quickly stumbles onto the path less traveled and always feared.

With Jason Mitchell and Rickey Bird Jr. both handling the reins of the Directors chair and Justin Cummings donning the Director of Photography hat, you can expect a thrilling spiral down into the depths of the darkest parts of our hearts, where shadows dance, and regrets are only a step behind.

Joining and often times helping Cole along on his journey is an all star supporting cast of both old and new Hectic Films alumni. From the always impressive and towering on screen presence of DT Carny, the always welcoming personalities of Jason Sanders and Ernesto Gomez, to the new and beautiful April Marion King, Descensus is sure to set both your heart and your mind on heightened alert.

Check back often as we hope to bring you a more in depth look into the crew and production of Descensus as it unfolds.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Descensus Begins!

Hectic Films has begun script break down and casting on an upcoming short film project titled "Descensus" which will take us on a journey to find just how far a man can fall in a single day.