Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DT Carney Micro Interview!

Congrats to DT Carney for his nomination at the Action on Film Festival for Golden State Best Performance in an Acting Role Award for As The Man Drives! Holy crap, that is the longest award we have ever heard anyone nominated for!

1. So are you excited to be back at the Action on Film Festival this year?

Yes, I am. I love Monrovia, CA. I feel like I step back in time out there, like its a 1970's town. Very clean and quite. The Action on Film Festival treated us more than nice and you don't forget that. I am also proud to be with team Hectic Films.When you back one of their films you can rest assure it's going to be a great film. Hectic Films has three awesome films in the festival this year. Mable, Naked Zombie Girl, and As the Man Drives.

2. Tell us your favorite part about filming As The Man Drives?

My Favorite part of Filming As the Man Drives was actually the Script. After reading it I was stoked Rickey had the faith I could pull off such a character. We had a  bunch of laughs driving around in that boat of a car that threatened to quit throughout filming. Of course, I'll never forget going into a freezing pool fully clothed and being laughed at by everyone involved. Gotta love the Hectic Films brotherhood.

3. Any good stories on the set of As the Man Drives?

I was in awe of the care given to the shots. Drone shots, underwater shots, trying to talk Rickey out of going into that freezing pool. I tried to tell him I'd come back in a few  months when it wasn't so cold. Well we all know how that turned out. There is no saying, "No!" to Rickey Bird Jr.

4. What current projects are you working on now?

I am currently awaiting word from Chicago on my script of Redemption Owns a Gun. If green lit, you will see Hectic Films back at it with this real life mob story. I am also getting ready to work with Director Michael Rodriguez on his latest film Lake of Shadows.

5. How many yards do you think you can throw a football?

Farther than uncle Rico, that's for sure. I don't need a time machine to prove it, I can do it now in 2016. I'll throw that pigskin the length of Monrovia, you'll see!

6. Have you ever hit anyone while drinking a Pepsi?

No, I only drink Pepsi as a total last resort. I am a Coca-Cola man. I once hit a man who resembled a pirate with M.C Hammer pants on while sipping a coke, But that's for another time.

You can help support DT Carney and Hectic Films at the Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, CA on Monday, September 5 at 5:30 PM - 7 PM by purchasing tickets here:

Kelly Henderson Micro Interview!

Congrats To Kelly Henderson on the nomination at the Action on Film festival for best costumes on the short film Mable! 

1. The costumes look great in the film. What character's costume was the hardest in the film and why?

Mable's costume was a little more difficult because not only were there a lot of buttons but when I measured her, she had recently found out that she was pregnant. So I had to take a wild guess at how much bigger I had to make it in order to fit her properly. In the end, it fit her perfectly!

2. How long did it take you to make the costumes? 

I think I started 3 months ahead of time with buying materials, patterns and taking measurements but I was still rushing till the night before shooting to finish everyone's costumes because 8 people with shirt, trousers, vests, and handkerchiefs is a lot more work than I thought it would be, but very fun to do. Plus Rickey wanted everything to be authentic when it came to material and all so that can take more time when zippers were not invented yet.

3. What is something you would recommend filmmakers should think about when making costumes for a western?

How hot is it going to be, lock down a specific time period, and work with wardrobe as far as character development. Clothes say a lot about a person.

4. We watched the trailer for the new futurama live action fan film. What did you do on that project? What else are you currently working on?

Oh, sweet! I was in charge of hair, so my job was coloring, cutting, and styling any wigs and/or real hair on the actors and actresses. Pretty much hair department. I just finished working on a project for Joseph Kahn doing hair work.

5. How did you get involved with best indie film company on the planet?

I got involved with Hectic Films through the very talented Nick Reisinger who asked, "Hey, wanna be a zombie AND make zombies?". The rest is history! Some of the most fun sets I've worked on have been through Hectic Films!

6. Are you excited about the action on film festival?

Yes, I am!

We'll see you there! Tickets can be purchased online through the Action On Film website, or found through the Facebook Event page here:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chris Kovacs Interview (2016)

With the special screening of Hectic Films' "A Familiar Spirit" coming up on September 10th at Heroes & Horror Con III in Bakersfield, CA, Jesse Najera collaborated with Sara Carey to interview one of the stars, Chris Kovacs.

You've attended San Diego State and NY Film Academy; how do you think these schools influenced your life regarding film?

The New York Film Academy forced me to look at movies and performances completely differently. I now see tiny details in movies, and the choices actors make in their performances. Method acting allowed me to take my raw skills and concentrate them in a more meaningful way. Meisner was one of the main classical methods I learned and having an absolute belief under imaginary circumstances has been invaluable to my acting. San Diego State helped broaden my thinking and help grow as a person. I actually went back to college to get my bachelors degree in Political Science and minored in Journalism. Acting takes dedication and years of study and practice; that is probably the closest relation to being a student at San Diego State. I have always wanted to graduate college because I like challenging myself.

Tell us about your first acting role and how you got started. What drew you to acting as a career choice? How did you become involved with hectic films?

My first acting role that I auditioned for was a play in my hometown. I played Officer Brophy in "Arsenic and Old Lace". It wasn’t a large role, but I remember preparing for it as if I were the lead on Broadway. I’ve always loved to play “make believe” and acting always came naturally. I first became interested in acting, (believe it or not) when I saw "The Lion King". As soon as I found out that Jonathan Taylor Thomas played young Simba, I remember thinking, why the heck couldn’t I do that too? I became involved with Hectic Films through my friendship with Rachel Bird. We worked together in Burbank, CA and I got to know her husband Rickey Bird through Facebook. Very quickly we became friends. We had planned to work together much sooner although conflicts in scheduling never worked out. Recently Rickey asked me if I would be interested in auditioning for Jim in A Familiar Spirit, jumping at the chance, I of course said, “Yes!”

Is there a type of role that you feel drawn to, or wish you could play more?

I consider myself a nice, all-American type guy, so the thought of playing someone twisted with something wrong with them always intrigued me. I enjoy playing “the hero” but dramatic roles that challenge me as an actor are the most fun to play. For example, I would love to play someone like the Joker or Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho".

What movies do you feel were formative for you? Do you have a favorite movie genre or theme?

A few films that I felt were formative for me were: "Saving Private Ryan", "Braveheart", and "American Beauty". I think my jaw was on the floor after watching each of those films. Every single one left a lasting impression on me. I absolutely love all types of films, but if I had to choose one movie genre or theme it’d have to be true-life stories. I appreciate great writing as much as the next person and I think writers deserve every bit of credit as the actors, but sometimes the most amazing stories come from actual events.

Tell us about your character, Jim, in "A Familiar Spirit". What was it like to play him? Your character has a hard time believing in the paranormal. Do you feel the same way? How would you react if you were told, or thought, your house was haunted?

There is definitely more to Jim than meets the eye. He is full of confidence and truly believes he can take on the world, but his lack of success in the entertainment industry is what’s keeping him back. He loves his girlfriend and wants to provide for her in every way he can, but like most struggling actors, money isn’t falling from the sky. He also passionately denies any possibility of there being ghosts in the house despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 
 It was great playing Jim, some of his offbeat humorous remarks are something I could see myself saying. Yes, Jim does have a hard time in believing in the paranormal, but I’m less skeptical than he is. I’m of the school of thought that you shouldn’t mess with stuff like that. Who knows if there is a “door you can’t close.” I’m not anxious to contact the paranormal. I’ve had some weird things happen and that’s about as close as I ever want to get. If someone told me my house was haunted, I would stay with family or friends and sell the house immediately. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d also probably sue the realtor and previous owner for not disclosing the fact that the house was haunted!

 You only get to watch one actor for the rest of your life, you can't see any other movies if they don't play a role in them. Who would you choose and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one! I have so many people that I look up to, but if I could only watch one person for the rest of my life, I’d choose Robin Williams. His talent truly blows me away and he was one of the most diverse actors around. His stand-up comedy had me in stitches laughing, and his dramatic roles were truly heartbreaking. One of my favorite things to do was to act out his standup to friends and family. His passing was absolutely devastating. It was one of the few times I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach when I heard that he had passed away. 

And finally, what would your advice be to budding actors?

My advice to budding actors is to follow your heart. Don’t compromise your character or integrity for the sake of a role. Stay true to yourself and know your worth. Another tip is to be kind to everyone! Even if you are having a terrible day, you don’t want to be known as a difficult actor to work with. I would also say it’s important to act as much as you can. Audition for plays, read scripts and truly become an expert. Lastly, one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given was, set a time limit on how long you are willing to pursue acting with no real success. If after 7 years, or however long you choose, you are not happy with where you are at, do something else and move on with your life. I believe one of the saddest things is wasting your entire life on something that may never happen. Some people are perfectly fine taking that chance. But that is something that you have figure out for yourself.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

D.T. Carney Interview (2016)

Tracking down the ever elusive and always on the go Dana (D.T.) Carney is no easy feat, but Jesse Najera managed to do just that. Hectic Films is proud and honored to offer that interview to the masses. We truly love this man!

D.T. Carney was born in Boston, MA in 1965. A New Englander through and through, D.T. is known for his sharp wit as well as his huge presence in life and on the screen. D.T. is the father of four and lives in the Fresno, CA area with his wife Georgia. With many experiences in life, growing up in Boston, being a champion boxer, hockey player, and accomplished musician, D.T.’s vast list of talents lend themselves well to his many Acting ventures. 

How did Dana Carney discover his interest in film acting?

I was a kid in Boston and was fortunate enough to go to the movies and get into any of them, rated R or not. I saw Jaws, Night of the Living Dead, The Omega Man, etc. I remember my dad taking me to Halloween and that movie made me want to get into acting. I liked the idea of playing a monster or the like.

You have the ability to utilize a very distinct American accent and personality in the performance of some of the characters you've played. Where were you raised and how has your upbringing influenced your performances?

Boston and the east coast in general, have a ton to do with how you act. I never liked taking shit from anyone. Who does? So you got to have an attitude that lets others know it. I wouldn't change growing up over there for anything. We grew up pretty poor. You learn to adapt to it and be thankful for things.

You have a long list of acting film credits with some notable, fellow, actors. Can you talk about the first film that you were in and what that experience was like?

The first film I did was playing a killer scarecrow in an indie film called Nightwalkers. It was directed by a friend of mine Steve Haack. It was a great experience because Scream Queen Brinke Stevens was also in it. She is the kindest person you could ever meet. We've been friends for over ten years now. I have had the pleasure of working with some awesome people like Felissa Rose, Deron Miller, Lynn Lowry, Reggie Bannister, Vernon Wells, and Joe Estevez. I just worked with Brinke again in Hectic Films’ Machine Gun Baby. I also worked with amazing talents Jin N Tonic & George the Giant in that same film.

You have worked on a number of Hectic Films Productions projects, playing a variety of roles in a variety of film genres. Can you tell us a little about working with the Hectic Films cast and crew, as well as some of the Hectic Films projects you have been involved in?

I LOVE HECTIC! Plain and Simple. Rachel & Rickey Bird have always treated me so kindly. I am a little rough around the edges and they both manage to look the other way for me. They have given me nothing but awesome roles in their films. Rachel and Rickey have put me up in a helicopter shooting at a speeding car. They made me the leader of a homeless camp, a drunken detective, a kid eating zombie. How can you go wrong? I love the people they have surrounded themselves with. They use the same people on crew, f/x, etc. over and over. We have become a tight family. I love being on the set with all of them.

In the new Hectic Films project; Machine Gun Baby, you play a character in the "medical field". Can you tell us a little bit about your role and how you prepared for that character?

It’s an awesome role for me, as I get to be a little comedic. I play Dr. Spurlock, an abortion doctor. His only care in the world is money and getting more of it. He is quite a character as he is a drinking, whoring, golfing, ego maniac. I will tell you this, MACHINE GUN BABY will open your eyes one way or the other. I've never worked on anything like it before. I prepared for this character by actually watching Dabney Coleman's portrayal of Doctor Prang in Young Doctors in Love. This film is going to upset the apple cart no matter what your views on abortion are. I got to work with such a fun talented cast on this, from Brinke Stevens to Jared Rice, George the Giant, and a trooper of an actress Jin N Tonic.

Where can fans go to follow and learn about future projects from DT Carney?
It's none of their damn business. I'll let them know. GOD BLESS...

Did I mention that we love this man? Let me show you just how much...