Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DT Carney Micro Interview!

Congrats to DT Carney for his nomination at the Action on Film Festival for Golden State Best Performance in an Acting Role Award for As The Man Drives! Holy crap, that is the longest award we have ever heard anyone nominated for!

1. So are you excited to be back at the Action on Film Festival this year?

Yes, I am. I love Monrovia, CA. I feel like I step back in time out there, like its a 1970's town. Very clean and quite. The Action on Film Festival treated us more than nice and you don't forget that. I am also proud to be with team Hectic Films.When you back one of their films you can rest assure it's going to be a great film. Hectic Films has three awesome films in the festival this year. Mable, Naked Zombie Girl, and As the Man Drives.

2. Tell us your favorite part about filming As The Man Drives?

My Favorite part of Filming As the Man Drives was actually the Script. After reading it I was stoked Rickey had the faith I could pull off such a character. We had a  bunch of laughs driving around in that boat of a car that threatened to quit throughout filming. Of course, I'll never forget going into a freezing pool fully clothed and being laughed at by everyone involved. Gotta love the Hectic Films brotherhood.

3. Any good stories on the set of As the Man Drives?

I was in awe of the care given to the shots. Drone shots, underwater shots, trying to talk Rickey out of going into that freezing pool. I tried to tell him I'd come back in a few  months when it wasn't so cold. Well we all know how that turned out. There is no saying, "No!" to Rickey Bird Jr.

4. What current projects are you working on now?

I am currently awaiting word from Chicago on my script of Redemption Owns a Gun. If green lit, you will see Hectic Films back at it with this real life mob story. I am also getting ready to work with Director Michael Rodriguez on his latest film Lake of Shadows.

5. How many yards do you think you can throw a football?

Farther than uncle Rico, that's for sure. I don't need a time machine to prove it, I can do it now in 2016. I'll throw that pigskin the length of Monrovia, you'll see!

6. Have you ever hit anyone while drinking a Pepsi?

No, I only drink Pepsi as a total last resort. I am a Coca-Cola man. I once hit a man who resembled a pirate with M.C Hammer pants on while sipping a coke, But that's for another time.

You can help support DT Carney and Hectic Films at the Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, CA on Monday, September 5 at 5:30 PM - 7 PM by purchasing tickets here:

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