Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monster Party Podcast! Naked Zombie Girl vs Zombies!

Meghan and I were asked to be on this awesome/epic podcast Monster Party.  If you like horror movies, sci-fi or just any type of Monster Movie...  This is the podcast for you!  We talked a lot about our film Naked Zombie Girl, but we also got into some awesome discussions about zombie movies.  We also bring up some epic zombie movie classics and some zombie films I had never even heard of.  So you get an idea of some of the films I have posted some trailers of the films that were mentioned in the podcast!

What do you think?  Should zombies run?!?!

Check out the Naked Zombie Girl vs Zombies podcast here:

Monster Party on Itunes

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Naked Zombie Girl
Naked Zombie Girl Trailer from Hectic Films Productions on Vimeo.

Sugar Hill

 In the Flesh

 Cemetery Man

 Night of the Lepus

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