Friday, February 13, 2015

INFECTION Zombie Short goes for the WIN! #HBFilmFest

"Please take a moment to like this film on YouTube. We did. 3 of 4 stars. "– The Omelet Team

Our Current status is 2nd Place! Keep up to date with the film fest HERE

We're excited to be a part of this contest hosted by Horror Block and Rue Morgue. The grand prize is $10,000 for best horror short, so we entered our zombie short film INFECTION. We shot this film in a parking garage late one evening with only four people; epic special FX artist Nick Reisinger, camera operator David Karnowski and one of Hectic Film's best grips Anthony Galland. We had been planning a day shoot but we unfortunately ran out of light. Making the best of the situation, we went to a local parking garage. We were lucky, and the parking garage was deserted so it was a perfect filming location. Nick used his talents to turn Anthony into a zombie quickly, and we were ready to shoot! 

We pulled into the parking garage and unloaded the little gear we had at the time. David was armed with a Canon 5D and Nick picked up the Canon 7D. Nick caught all the extra shots so different angles would feel the same and natural. We started this project only wanting to do one thing: have a man fight a zombie and then turn into one. We used the fact that the garage was deserted to help create the atmosphere we wanted. We checked our surroundings and came up with the best type of situation that would happen in that location. I feel that we came up with a good plan. So we shot for a couple of hours and fortunately no one came through there while we were filming, which made it great! 

One thing we did mess up with is you can see Nick in one of the shots! If you haven't already, check it out and see if you can find him. If you have watched it already, then watch it again and keep your eyes open for him!  (See the clip here) Once we finished, I cut the footage and sent it over to our best editor, Jason Sanders. He added few effects to the footage; for example the shot of the police car was just a regular car but Jason was able to add lights on in post. Once Jason had shined up the footage, we sent it over to Landen Belardes and Nick Stockman to create the score. They put a great mix together and once we added it, we had a completed film.

Hopefully if you're reading this, you want to give us a hand to win this contest! This is how you can help: all we need you to do is click on that YouTube video above or click here. Then you hit the like button on YouTube. If you don't have a YouTube account, you can start one HERE.  

Please leave us a comment even if you didn't like it! If you did like it, you should be leaving a comment anyway. :) We greatly appreciate the support we have already received by so many awesome people! With your help, we know we can win this thing! So again, please check out the video and hit the like button. Share it with your friends and anyone you know that likes horror. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also check out Horror Block aka Nerd Block. They send you epic stuff every month for cheap! :) It's a cool way to get something unexpectedly exciting in the mail once a month. Check them out!

Check out Rue Morgue Magazine as well! They are an epic horror magazine that is a MUST for any horror fan! :) And they support indie horror which is alway a plus! :)

So please share and use these hashtags, #HBFilmFest #INFECTION #TeamHecticFilms

Thank you for your continued support of our projects! Much Love!

-Rickey Bird

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