Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hectic Films shoots reality star Frenchy Morgan's newest music video Stripperland

We recently were hired to shoot reality star Frenchy Morgan's newest music video Stripperland. It was an interesting shoot to say the least and we had a lot of fun working with Frenchy and Jenna Urban on the shoot.

We even scored some shirts from SYC FUK Clothing which is showcased in the music video. Pretty EPIC! Check out their website here: http://sycfuk.com

We had a great time and were able to shoot at some pretty interesting locations, including Angels Cabaret for all of the strip club scenes. Oh yeah and we were at the beach too. Which if you are following us on Facebook you would have already scene the awesome behind the scenes 360 video of the shoot. Here is a quick behind the scenes shot from our instagram:

We even shot on the beach! That will mark 2 music videos I have directed that had a scene on the beach. Here is one of those epic 360 videos:

All these nice pictures were taken by Brandon Rose! Also the video will make its premiere 9/23 in Hollywood! Be there or be something.... Anyway keep checking back on our blog and Facebook page for more updates of cool stuff! Please help us spread the word and share this blog! Much Love!#teamhecticfilms #musicvideo


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  2. Interesting read. Hope the shoot went well.

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