Monday, June 5, 2017

A Hectic Films Interview with Darin Juarez (2017)

Sometimes fate has a way of bringing two people together. That is exactly what I told the cops when I was recently arrested for allegedly “kidnapping” one of the actors from Hectic Films upcoming short Descensus. In reality, all I did was stalk him to a local warehouse outlet store and corner him behind the produce section so I could throw some fast paced questions at him and hold a banana towards his face.

He was a little startled and had that wide-eyed look of appreciation in his eyes when I first shoved him back against the tomato bin and fired off the first question, “Sometimes film sets can be a little intimidating for cast and crew on the first day. You have an uncanny ability to break right through that awkwardness and make everyone feel at home. Is this part of being an actor or just the natural way of Darin Juarez?”
Naturally, my charming good looks and smooth way with people set his mind at ease once he realized I just wanted to ask about his acting and he replied by screaming, “Help!”
Realizing that this was going to be a short interview I repeated the question as security swarmed down on me. Once I was handcuffed Darin answered, “I gotta say, thanks for those kind words. I had no idea that was happening. I know how stressful being on set is for everybody so, I guess I just try to keep that in mind and be nice. Plus, if there's one thing I hate it's that barrier between us all when we first meet! I make a pretty strong effort to be open and obliterate that mama jamma!”

I asked if that meant I could be freed and he shot a look towards the security guards and shook his head back and forth real quick.
Security was already talking into their shoulder microphones and asking for police to be called so I blurted out the most important question I had, “If a fan wanted to buy you a present, should they go with a snow globe or stuffed animal?”
Darin’s eyes darted to the snow globe that was embedded in the front of my pants and I gyrated my hips a little to make the snow swirl for him. “Stuffed animal!” he answered.

I tried to hide my disappointment as a tear came to my eye, and swallowed my hope as I said, “It’s clear you can act, but I heard you also like to write. Any writer credits in the works that we should keep an eye out for?”
As the sound of loud police radios came from the front of the store, Darin answered, “I've got a sci-fi about a fighter pilot being recruited for a top secret project to fuse his consciousness with a combat A.I., two series pilots about musicians coming up from nothing--one about a metal-head, the other about rappers. Then there's some sketches, a scene about a spy couple, and that YouTube series I was writing called The Death of William Draper.”

As the police arrived, they changed out my handcuffs I guess so security could keep theirs and asked me if I had any identification. I ignored them and asked Darin, “How would you describe acting if you could only use two words?” I think the cops said something but I only had ears for Darin and waited for him to reply. Finally, he shook his head and grinned, “Damn... I thought this was going to be an easy test. I am to consolidate the whole of what acting means to me, has been to me and where I hope it will continue to lead me, into two magnificent words? Okay. ‘Soul Threshing’.”

I may have gotten a little dreamy eyed at that and as the police dragged me away, I yelled out one last question, “Where can people go to find out more about Darin Juarez?”
Even the cops stopped dragging me at that point and turned to wait for an answer. Darin said, “If you really want more... I'm on:
Instagram @darinjuarez
Facebook @Darin S. Juarez
Snapchat @quincy_sauce
Twitter @laced_human
I'm only ever on Instagram and Facebook though...I can't lie about it. Also, there's my website!!”

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