Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cheap Movie Tricks (The Book)

It’s time to shelve those outdated books you picked up in film school and hope they appreciate solely as a collector's edition somewhere down the road. Rickey Bird is here to bring you the only pocket project indie film book you will ever need.

From the exciting first thoughts to the nightmare of post-production marketing, Cheap Movie Tricks will give you the direction you need to navigate those sometimes daunting paths of indie filmmaking.

We’re talking hands on, “This is how we did it!” know how, not regurgitated dribble that has been boringly passed down from book to book over the years with little updating, except for some occasional sponsored industry standards which are out of most indie filmmakers price range anyway.

I had a chance to corner Rickey Bird in a home improvement store parking lot late one night to ask the following questions about the book.

Tell us about the book Cheap Movie Tricks:
It’s a really fun book. I teamed up with Nicholas Belardes and Mango Media to create this very cool book. That really isn’t just a book but a tool that you can keep with you to help you on your journey. There are some really good problem-solving tips that can get you outta tight spots while your filming. This is a book for the filmmaker by the filmmakers. It’s not some wishy washy BS. It has been dubbed the “Punk Rock” style of filmmaking. That’s totally my style. Just get out and get it done no matter what!

How is this book different from others?
It’s really different. It shows you a basic overview of how to create a short film for under $2000. To help people break away from the studio version of doing things (aka the really expensive way) and do things cheaply. Teaching the tricks you need to know to stretch your buck to the fullest. This is a basic style of filmmaking that I have been doing for over 10 years with short films and feature length films. Think of it as a text book written from years of trial and error filmmaking crammed into a small package.

Is this book only for people who want to get started in filmmaking?
No, this is a book for everyone that wants to start as well as those currently making films. This isn’t like any industry handbook, this is the extreme indie film handbook. This book goes from concept to film festivals and feature deal proposal.

Does the book have Pictures?
Yes it has pictures and links for videos to go the extra mile for the filmmakers.  Behind the scenes photos from a lot of Hectic Films projects and also some cool poster work. Very cool stuff!

What do you hope will happen with this book?
Honestly, I hope it gets people off their asses and motivated to shoot film. It is, in my opinion, the greatest art form in the world, that can also include any art form in it. From books to music in a film, I think it’s awesome. Video is the king. I want to help lay the ground work to get others motivated to create and give them the motivation they need to follow through to the end!

Cheap Movie Tricks can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as IndieBound

Product Details: 

Price: $16.95
Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: Mango (April 4, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1633535436
ISBN-13: 978-1633535435
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds