Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Naked Zombie Girl Bootleg Edition Now on DVD!


The long awaited dvd Naked Zombie Girl is just went on sale at The decision was made to sell them on Amazon, but they take an extremely long time to approve a film. So we thought, why not pack a DVD with not only NZG, but add some extras including the behind the scenes video of the Malevolent Magazine photo shoot.

Malevolent Magazine

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The DVD Packages

Did I say that we have also added interviews with the cast and crew from the movie premiere? Or that the DVD comes packed with 2 short films and a music video from Forget Your Friends "Scream Queen" Featuring Naked Zombie Girl. We also have 3 different package types. The first package is "Just the DVD" this includes just a DVD. Second is the "Help us Package" in this package you get your DVD  and poster signed by director Rickey Bird. And our third package is the best deal! The "Total Package" comes with a DVD signed by the director, the first issue of the NZG comic, a signed poster and a 4x6 signed by Naked Zombie Girl herself Meghan Chadeayne. You also will get some Hectic Films and Naked Zombie Girl stickers.  This is a sweet deal for anyone that loves zombies and naked chicks, lol.

So where does the money go? Well I think Walt Disney said it best, 

“We Don’t Make Movies To Make Money, We Make Money To Make More Movies.”

That's our goal. 100% of the profit is going into future projects. That is what we will continue to do. So if you just want to help us out get a "Help us Package". If you really want to help us out get the "Total Package". And if you just wanna see it, then just get the dvd. 

Is the movie any good you ask. Well our dear friend Scratchy Pete seems to think so. Check out his review of the film:

NAKED ZOMBIE GIRL “…Stripped naked…armed to the teeth…all 40 of them on a 20 inch bar…” “…Will leave you gagging for more…” Director Rickey Bird Jr has nailed it in 2014. With a great title, images of gore and beauty in the form of the unashamedly delicious Meghan Chadeayne, this one was destined for Grindhouse greatness or garbage. Exceeding all expectations. Thank you for the opportunity to get to review this one first. Rated “N” for Nudity and shot in glorious 2D. Screams, running and gasping for air – panic in her eyes…those gorgeous pale blue eyes…wide open, a distant bell tolls, a sea of crowd noise… A gunshot. And the scripture states “Their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets and their tongues will rot in their mouths”. Opening credits roll with film negative images that tease grainy grindhouse goodness… Start your engine – your rusted out 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman hits the highway with Barbara at the wheel – smoking coolly with her passengers Tony and Jill along for the ride. Swerving to avoid dead bodies, the radio calling it the end of the world. Tony is far from cool, Tony is anything but well. The bite mark oozing blood and puss and as the car splutters its final breath, the passengers suffer a similar fate. Sanders/Bird Construction Co next exit. The middle of nowhere and the car becomes a prison, a haven from the walking dead – grasping, groaning, rotting. Eating flesh almost animal like, the scent of a new food source… Black Doc Martins kick the car door, a yellow dress caught on the catch and Barbara is left naked, shooting and running to escape. A temporary shelter offers little privacy – reality sets in with each bullet unloaded – it’s time to get real. In the form of a bright yellow chainsaw that rips flesh…decapitations left and right, blood soaked goodness covering her smooth skin…face, breasts, arms, legs and everything in between… One mean mother…sexy as hell…meets her match with a worthy adversary and shows us just how competent she is with a tire iron… A straggler just won’t quit and when the chainsaw kicks into life, you watch and watch again a scene that would make Leatherface more than proud. Hell, I was cheering her on – she had my full admiration in more ways than one… A heroine was born right there. But everyone needs a little help from a Redneck and Barry helps her out as she approaches ladylike towards his ute…”C’mon get those butt cheeks in here”… whilst you as a viewer can’t help noticing the rest of her that needs a helping hand too. Padgett Towing – If you’re stuck, we’ll yank on ya… A kind offer in a desolate situation, but somewhat premature… A shower to wash the blood and grime away, a fresh start, yet something is not quite right. Standing in the hallway, visions of suffering between her open legs and like the final curtain falling ,it’s time to grab the chainsaw and drop the yellow towel. Naked once again, a look of intensity in her eyes as a zombie tongue wags crudely at what it sees before her… Naked Zombie Girl, I think I am in love… 30 minutes of pure entertainment. Hardly a word spoken. Acting cleverly and skilfully portrayed in true Grindhouse style, not amateur, I am talking skill. Gore that soaks the screen, effects and make up that you just want to roll around in…blood and guts… A woman with a chainsaw that stakes a new claim to the Horror Queen stakes – eyes you want to bathe in, a form that is both seductive yet formidable with curves in all the right places… A real winner in my book, leaving me with a few desperate needs…one of which is a full length feature. “…Naked Zombie Girl rocks…”   “Scratchy” Pete April 2014 

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Still not convinced? Then sit back and enjoy the trailer:

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