Monday, January 14, 2013

The Last Stand

Now I am a huge Terminator fan. Well I guess not the hugest, like have tattoos of it or anything but I would have to say my Terminator 2 VHS was so played out the scenes jumped.  It was the first movie that felt real to me.  The special effects for the time were amazing and T1000 is probably one of the best bad guys of all time.  Here we are a couple decades later.  Me watching all my old action hero's playing old men retired special forces and now the governator now playing an old sheriff in The Last Stand.
 I think out of a lot of actors Arnold Schwarzenegger
probably has one of the most interesting careers by far.  The guy can barely speak english and has been in movies, body building and the governor of California.  I mean wow! And what other way to get back in the action movie game as a sheriff in small town making their last stand against the Mexican cartel.  I hate to admit my childhood robotic hero would ever age into a small town sheriff.  I even laughed when I saw the poster.  Joking that their was a cane in the corner of the poster.  But I would have to say after watching the trailer for this film it looks very promising.  Or the people that made the trailer are just really good at tricking people into seeing movies.  Either way they have convinced me to buy a ticket.  But nothing will hold a candle to the first two Terminator Movies!  Ok check out the trailer and tell me what you think!


  1. Nice blog article :) ill be checking this one out too.

  2. I think it looks awesome and it looks like its not just a boring action movie. I'm a big Arnold fan so I'm looking forward to it.